Holiday cottages

self-catering holiday cottages

self-catering holiday cottages

An independent holiday cottage or villa is one of the best forms of holiday accommodation because of the spaciousness, comfort and seclusion it affords. Holiday lets are known as self-catering accommodation or holiday rentals in the UK, holiday homes in Ireland, vacation rentals in America, dachas in Russia and villa holidays in warm destinations. A feature all holiday lettings have in common is that they are appointed for living in a degree of comfort.

Generally, the higher the rating, the higher the standard of accommodation.  Tourist Boards and accommodation agents all have their own rating systems. Not all holiday properties are tourist board checked and the best way of judging these is by ratings and feedback from previous guests. There is so much feedback on the Internet nowadays that it is easy to read customer reviews. Again, one has to look at the whole picture, examine the photographs and to read a number of reviews to obtain an accurate impression of the accommodation. Yes, accommodation owners fake reviews to make their cottages appear better than they actually are and disgruntled holidaymakers who had the misfortunate of a wet weekend or a week of rain may not be as positive in their praise as they may have been had the sun shone all week.

Architecturally each holiday accommodation is unique. These could be cottages in the country, farmhouses and thatched rural cottages, houses and apartments in town, stone-built dwellings, restored former windmills, watermills, manor houses and a host of other styles. Self-catering breaks tend to be much more flexible than in the past. Most accommodation can be reserved for periods varying from one day to several weeks. Standards of accommodation is good. Be assured if you pay a well-known holiday rental business or pay by credit or debit card.

Self-catering holidays offer several advantages over a holiday in a hotel or Bed and Breakfast accommodation:

  • a complete self-contained and private accommodation
  • no interference from staff, you can behave as you would at home as long as no damage is caused
  • because you are responsible for providing own food and drink, this is purchased at supermarket prices much as it would be at home
  • you have access to your own choice of meals, snacks and drinks, including alcoholic drinks whenever you wish
  • a garden is often available that is reserved for your personal use
  • the price per head is generally better value than in alternative forms of holiday accommodation

Self-catering accommodation is often targetted at specific groups and described as such. You may come across pet-friendly cottages, family friendly, accessible for the mobility impaired, luxurious, with outdoor sports for activity holidays. Select self-catering cottages that are geared towards your requirements and find that extra special service and facilities that enhance your holiday experience.

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