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Holiday cottages come in all shapes and sizes with bedrooms for the biggest of families and the smallest. If you are thinking of having a romantic weekend break, a secluded thatched cottage will have you cosied up in no time at all. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, off on honeymoon or just looking to spend some time with a special person in your life, there are plenty of breath-taking, romantic, relaxing and enjoyable one bedroom cottages to choose from.

Imagine soft, warm, inviting sheepskin rugs, a bottle of wine on the table, candles flickering against a dozen red roses, their seductive scent filling the room, golden embers glowing brightly from the fire, their flames crackling with vibrant grace, your favourite love songs lilting away in the background… and you have the perfect setting for a weekend of pure bliss. You have fallen in love with each other and you will fall in love with this romantic cottage too. Now you can escape from the clash and clang of a bustling city, the traffic, people and all their cares because you are safely tucked away. And when the sun rises, you will both wake from that lullaby of sleep and enjoy even more ‘together time’ as you prepare breakfast in the timeless yet beautiful kitchen…Who knows, one of you may treat the other to breakfast in bed!

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And what better way to begin the next day than with a breath-taking walk through the wonderful world of Mother Nature. Flutter down lover’s lane, admire all the pretty roof tops and porches, the blushes of colour embellished with ivy green, and breathe in those rich, invigorating scents which waft from sprigs of sage and lavender taking you back to your childhood days, to those times when you would visit grandma on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Pass by a stream and just stop for some much needed healing courtesy of the refreshing flow from the river, look up at the smoke billowing from the cottage chimneys, each thatch loosely dotted together on the fringe of an emerald green landscape and you will experience a little piece of heaven right here on earth. Who knows… if you listen carefully enough you might hear the woodland dance from the fairies as they swirl and pirouette to the sound of the willow harp. Yes, essences of days gone by still echo throughout the soul of the trees and transmute throughout the air.

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The seaside is a great place to continue the theme of romance as you wander hand in hand, heart to heart along sugary white grains of sand where turquoise waves gently lap onto the beach, tickling your toes and then running away again. Watch the seabirds swirl and float upon the warm air as they slowly fade into a silhouette against a canvas of moonlight. Stroll along the shoreline serenaded by the notes of the sea. Stop to draw a heart in the sand and just wander aimlessly gazing into each other’s eyes as you wait for the sun to rise. Carve your initials inside the heart then watch the tide come in and carry your love out into the deep blue yonder, where these special, magical memories will float and drift and live on for eternity….

For that piece de resistance why not choose a one- bedroom holiday cottage which comes compete with hot tub? What could be more romantic than an evening of bubbly bliss, sipping champagne under the glow of the stars. If you really want to push the boat out, why not rent a cottage which has a four-poster bed? Need I say more!

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- June 8, 2018