Yorkshire Dales holidays

A cottage in the Yorkshire Dales

Holiday cottage in the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is one of England’s northerly national parks, a stunning green area of hills, valleys, rivers, streams and waterfalls that is a place of tranquillity to escape to.  The dales lie north of large suburban areas of the industrial heartland of the north, of big cities such as Leeds, Manchester and Yorkshire towns of Bradford, Wetherby and York. Because of the number of visitors this area attracts, there is plenty of holiday accommodation of all kinds, including self-catering cottages and  apartments. Find out more about the Yorkshire Dales and cottage holidays.

Yorkshire stone-built cottages set in Swaledale

Yorkshire stone-built cottages set in Swaledale

A huge open area of countryside becomes a magnet for lovers of nature and the outdoors in the warmer months although hardened walkers and climbers venture out into the Yorkshire Dales at any time of year. The vistas are simply stunning; there are scenes that make one glad to be alive and the views from hilltops are every walker’s reward for their effort and tenacity in uphill climbs.
Sheep are common in the dales, perfectly adapted to meadows and a life on the fells.  Wildlife is abundant. Tourists love to come across game birds, pleasant and grouse that run mindlessly in all directions, scattering before their path.  Spotting a golden eagle soar silently high in the sky is a pleasure to be found in the Dales. The land is made for walking and it is stunning at the height of summer when the heather blooms a hazy pink or in the spring when wild flowers pepper the grasslands and bluebells carpet the valleys.

River Swale

Paddle in the River Swale

The Yorkshire Dales National Park contains a number of areas, often defined by the rivers that flow through them; the River Wharfe flows through Wharefedale in the south east of the park, Aire to Airedale and the River  Swale has given its name to Swaledale in the north.  The rivers are fed by hundreds of small streams and tributaries that keep the countryside watered and green. It can be great fun to come across a shallow river such as the Swale which in parts flows shallowly over a rocky bed that becomes a watery challenge to cross for all ages in the summer.

Gordale Scar near Malham

Gordale Scar near Malham

There are limestone boulders strewn haphazardly over the dales. Some rise to elevated heights, such as Knipe Scar, north of Grassington, which is often used as a launch pad for hang gliders, others have been weathered into elaborate and intriguing natural sculptures that cause passersby to stand and stare.  Some of the high limestone rock features attract climbers. One of the best know limestone walls is at Malham Cove and is constantly photographed showing climbers scrambling up its sheer faces.

Weathered rocks in Nidderdale

Weathered rocks in Nidderdale

The rugged rocky features of the Yorkshire Dales are just one aspect of the dales. For holidaymakers, there is a host of attractions that range from birdwatching and wildlife, to exploring the various villages that have a distinctive Yorkshire character, to the marvellous views to photograph such as waterfalls, caverns, culinary creations such as Wensleydale Cheese and soup, Yorkshire beers, Parkin cake and Yorkshire pudding that is a traditional accompaniment to roast beef. Indeed, pubs in the Yorkshire Dales proudly serve up a roast dinner on a Sunday lunchtime to visitors from around the world.  Book a holiday cottage in the Yorkshire Dales and you too could be privileged to experience life in the Dales.

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