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When hot weather is predicted for Britain, people make a beeline for the coast or for a cottage in the country.  Most people may work in the cities but life is for living and really hot days in Britain are rare so it’s wise to take a few days leave and make the most of the sunshine. There are country cottages in all parts of Britain, in every county and to avoid long drives, most people opt to rent a cottage or lodge somewhere within a three hour drive of their destination and perhaps less if they are taking a pet with them. has a wide selection of rural cottages, both dog-friendly and with optional hot tubs, saunas and swimming pools.

The best rural breaks with Country Cottages Online

The best rural breaks with Country Cottages Online

Self-catering breaks with dogs

dog-friendly country cottages online

dog-friendly country cottages online

Dogs are another aspect of the British way of life, people love their dogs and since they are allowed in pet-friendly accommodation, tourists take them with them. Once people arrive at their self-catering cottage, they can unpack and settle down to live just as they would at home. Most will take the familiar dog bed, bowls and blankets that their pets are accustomed to, which helps them relax.  A rural retreat away from the general hustle and bustle of life re-energizes frayed nerves. It is a well-known fact that the colour green is soothing which might help explain one of the reasons why people sense tranquillity in rural areas.

Switch off on holiday and focus on calm

There are other reasons of course, such as being able to switch off from work, chores and responsibilities and one of the best ways of altering a mindset is to go for a walk through farmland where completely different views grab our attention and generate new thoughts.  Watching a combine harvester at work can be fascinating to town dwellers and their children. The chance to ramble through woods, to spot an owl in a tree or a bird’s nest is as exciting for children as the latest computer game and make a lasting impression that is added to good holiday memories.

How long is a cottage break?

country cottage breaks for a week's bliss in the UK countryside

country cottage breaks for a week’s bliss in the UK countryside

There is a wide assortment of rural accommodation to rent for short breaks or units of weeks. One or two weeks holiday is the norm in the summer.

Renting cottages as rural retreats

The ideal break in the country is in a holiday cottage or a log cabin. Both offer a clean, comfortable temporary home with all the necessary amenities for a lazy lifestyle which is what everyone aims for on holiday. It is a pleasure to have the chance to lie in bed longer in the mornings, to cook and eat that leisuredly breakfast of bacon and eggs, to sit and chat over coffee. It is useful to have an enclosed garden where dogs owners can allow their pets out to sniff and explore. After breakfast the countryside beckons or the beach is it’s near the coast. Virtually every holiday accommodation has a TV which may not get switched on much if the weather remains fine, but it’s nice to have the option.

5 star cottages perhaps?

Generally speaking, the standard of accommodation rises with cost. The very best luxury selfcatering cottages are stunning, have beautiful decor, superior gadgets and appliances. Five star accommodation can be expected to have at the very least a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave, fridge freezer and cookers of a high specification and possibly a coffee machine, ice maker, wine cooler, steam oven and other such niceties. The expensive end of self-catering accommodation also tends to have spacious colour matched rooms, good quality crockery and kitchen utensils. There may also be a private sauna, spa, swimming pool, games room and barbecue.

See for examples of top notch self-catering accommodation in the UK.

Will there be a swimming pool?

The majority of holiday cottages with private swimming pools are at the luxury end of the self-catering market. Smaller, perfectly acceptable cottages of a 4 star standard and many log cabins on holiday parks often share central communal leisure facilities which include the big swimming pool and various other leisure facilities. By sharing facilities, it is possble to allow holidaymakers the pleasures they enjoy on holiday at a reasonable cost. People like to have that little bit of ‘me time’ in a spa, to sweat away aches and cold in a sauna or steam room and the unwind in a hot tub.

Cottages in various categories

There are country breaks of all types that are designed or intended to satisfy different needs. Country cottages for the disabled are built to accommodate wheelchairs, baby-friendly self-catering comes with a host of baby equipment to save parents hiring a removal van to go on holiday. Farm holidays focus on self-catering holidays on farmland where people can be close to nature and rural activities. There is a host of other specific groups of self-catering breaks that include painting holidays, yoga holidays, walking holidays and so on.

Country Cottages Online for satisfying UK breaks

One thing is certain, Country Cottages Online provides a wide selection of good quality holiday cottages, pine lodges, mansions and apartments, both dog-friendly and pet-free to suit all tastes and budgets. They are in the business of providing happy holidays.


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- February 2, 2015

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