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Mansions to rent for group accommodation

There are those occasions in life when there is a need to host a party to mark a special occasion or a business event and people look to rent mansions for the purpose. Mansions not only have large reception rooms where celebrations can take place but also the kitchens to deal with the catering and service required. Another bonus is the bedrooms and living quarters for guests attending the event.

These mansions for rent are let on a self-catering basis which means that people rent purely accommodation and have to employ caterers or to provide their own catering, hence the name.  Rentals can be for extremely short periods of a day or more which suits numerous purposes.

Mansions are often hired for weddings

Mansions tend to be surrounded by extensive gardens with lawns and flowerbeds which make for an attractive backdrop to wedding photographs. Married couples also like the privacy and informality that is possible when arranging a wedding themselves, everyone can be that be more relaxed than in a hotel with strangers about.  The organisation of a wedding is a complex procedure which some prefer to hand over to third parties and it is possible to simply book a beautiful large country house as a wedding venue and use the services of a wedding planner for the rest.

Mansions as group accommodation for clubs and societies

Because mansions can sleep up to 60 people in certain cases, they are ideal as group accommodation for any clubs that plan holidays away together. Certain clubs are excellent at organising rotas for cooking, dishwashing and cleaning between them. This type of accommodation booking keeps prices of holidays low and affordable for members of the group. It would suit walking groups, ramblers, bird watching groups and any who like to get out and about in the countryside.

Country house weekends

There are always certain people who like to throw a weekend house party and invite their friends to spend the weekend in the country with them.  Guests arrive to a beautifully clean house, beds made up with crisp bedlinen and drinks and nibbles provided by their host. Cooking breakfast can be a joint venture and enjoyable.  It is common to have garden furniture on the patio, to be able to barbecue or have meals delivered from the local restaurants. Everyone can just leave after a fantastic weekend and leave the cleaning to the owners.

Big house rentals for Christmas and New Year

New Year is the height of the season for large self-catering houses. The demand for big properties with swimming pools is at its height. The festive period is a time of year when family and friends like to gather together and it is good to select a convenient location where everyone can meet up. The houses are decorated for Christmas and the older more traditional houses are very likely to have a fireplace for a log fire which is gladly welcomed at that time of year.





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- January 27, 2015

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