Holiday cottages in the New Forest

Holidays in the New Forest, Hampshire, rent a cottage or pine lodge

One of the oldest and most loved of the English national parks, the New Forest draws people from everywhere to walk, picnic, cycle and spend time in its woodlands and heaths. The wild ponies that are free to wander wherever they wish in the New Forest woodlands are one of the many attractions. It is not unusual to meet a pony casually sauntering down a New Forest village high street or for a group to cross the road and stop the traffic. People come for a week or a weekend break, they bring their bicycles and cameras with the intention of having a good time.

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Holidays in the New Forest

See ponies on holiday in the New Forest

There is lots of holiday accommodation available in the New Forest and also on the coast to the south of the forest in seaside towns such Milford on Sea and Lymington. One of the most comfortable and desirable places to stay is self-catering accommodation which provides a complete and private holiday home such as a holiday apartment, log cabin or a country cottage.
Why people prefer self-catering for family holidays

People generally prefer this type of holiday accommodation, especially when on holiday with children, because they can make themselves at home, settle down to watch TV from a sofa and have their own bedrooms to sleep in when not out and about. Many holiday cottages in the New Forest also have gardens where children can play and barbecues on the patio for easy relaxed family meals.  Rental rates are for the complete cottage and not per person in the accommodation.

Self-catering versus hotel lodging
Hotel rates tend to be high in the New Forest and self-catering holidays usually work out less expensive than a hotel break, especially for families.  People supply all their own food and drink which is more satisfying with children who seem to have a constant need for snacks and drinks. It is also nice to be able to give the children a bedtime drink and for the adults to settle down to a bottle of wine in the evening at supermarket prices.
Self-catering accommodation in the New Forest compares favourably with hotels in that beds are ready for sleeping, towels are provided and also toiletries in the higher rated self-catering properties. Some 5 star luxurious cottages in the New Forest also supply bathrobes and similar extras.

Self-catering cottage facilities and features

The facilities attached to self-catering accommodation are various; there are cottages with swimming pools, with saunas and spas, with a barbecue in the garden, bicycles to borrow and even horse riding.

New Forest Pine lodge holidays

log cabins to rent in the New Forest

log cabins to rent in the New Forest

Pine lodges are increasingly popular accommodations to rent. They are mostly part of a holiday park and many have a wooden veranda, a hot tub and a barbecue, all valuable features much in demand for self-catering breaks.

Did you know?
Did you know that there are giant American Redwoods in the New Forest in Hampshire? Their presence is a surprise to most people. These sky rocketing trees are still in their infancy, having been planted in Queen Victoria’s reign and can be found on the ‘Tall Trees’ Trail in the New Forest. Visitors can often be seen following the trail and trying to identify the various specimens.   If you see an entire family holding hands in a ring and not managing to complete a circle around a tree trunk you will know that it is definitely a Redwood.

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