Cottage holidays for couples

When love is in the air, it generates impulsive decisions one of which might be to disappear into the country to a small cottage just for two to experience some greater bonding in privacy. The common expression one hears when couples are seen embracing over fondly in public is ‘get a room’.  Why stop at a room when a one bedroom cottage complete with a cosy lounge, bathroom and kitchen can provide a much nicer romantic experience in a beautiful setting? has a large variety of cottages, lodges and log cabins that sleep 2

Cottages just for 2

Cottages just for 2, rent self-catering accommodation for couples


About renting self-catering cottages for 2
Not everyone is familiar with the idea of renting holiday cottages. If one’s parents rented cottages for holidays, young people then know what they are all about and will do the same. It often costs little more for a week’s cottage rental for two people than a night or two in a hotel.  Love may sometimes have to wait during the summer holidays when cottages tend to be fully booked because everyone wants a summer break and the minimum booking period is generally a week. The October to May period, excluding Christmas and New Year, is best for cottage holidays because weekend breaks are then plentiful. Most are 3 night breaks which means arriving on a Friday afternoon and leaving on a Monday morning because cottage lettings are organised on a 3 night weekend and 4 night mid-week break basis.

Lots of cottages for 2 scattered around the UK
There is a great number of cottages that sleep 2 dotted about the UK which gives scope to visit diverse regions and experience something new.  Visiting a Scottish castle can be an abiding memory forever associated with a certain romance. Some people remember holidays by the meals they eat, others by beautiful places visited, lovers by the partner they were with at the time. Taking ‘selfies’ is a modern passion; imagine taking photographs of you and your partner in front of famous British landmarks to record the moment for posterity.  You could travel your away around Britain, discovering its landscapes and character in a series of cottage breaks.

holiday cottages for couples in the UK

holiday cottages for couples in the UK


The cost of pleasure
One thing is for certain, your costs would be lower than staying in hotels, evenings more enjoyable because you have a choice of going out for dinner , cinema or theatre or staying in with a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. Cottage breaks for two have a certain cosiness about them and that is not all, many cottages have delightful extra facilities that include hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, welcome hampers and gifts. You might be amazed at what’s on offer for UK breaks for couples. Take a look at some of the holiday cottages that sleep two  on page and see how pleasurable your self-catering break could be.

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- January 29, 2015

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