Self-catering cottage holidays with tennis

Today’s holidaymaker looks for far more than good quality accommodation when renting a holiday cottage. People want all those added lesiure and entertainment facilities that allow for fun and activity on holiday.

Play tennis on holiday

Cottages to rent for holidays with tennis

The basic leisure facility used to be a games room – somewhere the kids could amuse themselves and give parents a bit of peace. The most popular cottage attraction is a swimming pool, followed by a hot tub and tennis court. The best situation is to find somewhere to stay that offers all three and perhaps a few addittional facilities as well. This explains the appeal of holiday parks that have a wide range of optional activities, also family adventure parks where people of all ages can go canoeing, do archery, mountain biking and a host of exciting sports.

The individual indepenedent cottage simply cannot offer this range of facilities and opt for a hot tub which is relatively inexpensive to install and run. Tennis courts require land and the only properties with large gardens are mansions and large houses standing in their own grounds. Large group accommodation can also offer a tennis court and a few additonal leisure amenities because of its nature and the higher rental rates. All additional amenities need to be maintained and hence the income must keep rolling in.

There is an element of specialism with holiday cottage parks because it is impossible to satisfy the aspirations of all ages and incomes. There are people who would choose to stay in a holiday cottage with tennis because they are already tennis players and it gives them a great deal of satisfaction to do so on holiday when they have time to spend.  Frequently, cottage complexes that have tennis courts also have golf or bicycle trails on their land and offer an active week or two in the country.

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- July 23, 2014

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