Self-catering holiday cottages in the UK

At one time in the distant past, self-catering holidays were a budget option, people booked accommodation only and sorted out their own food and drinks.

self-catering holiday cottages

Self-catering holiday cottages

That situation has evolved into something a little more versatile; there are still plenty of holiday cottages to rent and they can provide a very good value break but there is also a strong growth in luxury self-catering accommodation. Some of the top end cottages cost thousands of pounds for weekly rental, have opulent decor, the best appliances, possible swimming pools, spas and a host of welcome features. In a luxurious holiday cottage you might find a coffee machine, ice cream maker and a big American style freezer with ice maker.  People like to stay in holiday cottages that match or exceed the standard of accommodation at home and self-catering covers all income brackets.

It is not a case of just saving on restaurant meals that entices people to rent cottages, although that is a factor at any level. Think of how much can be saved on champagne corkage for a large group of people. There is also the seclusion that a large cottage in private grounds can offer. This is invaluable for people who live in the public eye and want to completely relax on holiday.

Big cottage are also wonderful when having a party, especially those set in extensive gardens or in a rural area away from other properties. It doesn’t matter how much noise is made by revellers, only the wildlife is disturbed. This explains the huge demand for large self-catering houses at New Year.

People have parties for numerous reasons and also reunions, family gatherings and club outings. The larger self-catering houses are much in demand.

Even smaller self-catering cottages have their uses outside holidays. People need short term lettings between house moves, for temporary work assignments and when visiting friends and relatives. Hotels would prove much to expensive for most people in these situations and hence the need for self-catering holiday cottages.

Eacg holiday cottage owner has their own terms and conditions, some may be dog friendly, specialise in accommodation for children or the disabled. One thing is for certain, there is a huge choice in the UK and everyone can afford somewhere to stay for that holiday or alternative reason.

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- June 26, 2014

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