How to obtain a cheap holiday

People feel that bit more satisfied when they feel that they have obtained a bargain, be it a holiday or any other purchase. At one time, people used to wait for the last minute deals and grab whatever they could at a discount, even if it meant leaving for a holiday that very afternoon. The holiday market is so much more sophisticated nowadays and holiday companies are better able to gauge demand with the result that they aim to fulfil every holiday availability. Cancellations still occur because of unforseen circumstances and in these situations it may still be possible to obtain a discounted holiday.

cheap holiday cottages

Cheap holiday cottages

With holiday cottage rentals it is a slightly different matter. Cottage owners rent their cottages through cottage agencies or advertise them on cottage portals. Potential guests can then book a cottage, pay the required rental and look forward to a week or two somewhere nice.  When booking through an agency, a non refundable booking fee is paid in addition to the hire price of the accommodation. Book through a portal and the only fee paid is the holiday rental rate because the independent cottage owner has already paid to advertise the holiday cottage or pine lodge on the portal web site and you therefore save on that booking fee.

This however, does not explain how to obtain a cheap holiday. All cottage owners try to achieve the highest price possible for their rental. If advance lettings are not going too well, cottage owners tend to discount the price or offer incentives such as champagne on arrival or chocolates. It is worth signing up to mailing lists that send out alerts of any discounted holiday cottages.

Cancellations also result in special offer prices and again, keep an eye on email newsletters for the latest deals.

Another way of obtaining a good deal on a cottage rental is to book in advance and ask for a discount. This is fair because most cottage owners ask for a deposit in advance and this can be up to 50% of the rental rate. If they are to hold your cash for that length of time, it is reasonable to ask for a reduction. A similar situation applies if booking more than one cottage for a family group.

Group together for best holiday cottage deals

Another suggestion is to holiday together with friends and obtain a group booking for a large mansion. The cost of holiday lettings tend to be less per head the bigger the group.

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- June 26, 2014

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