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Clubs and societies often like to go on holiday or attend an event together and arranging for a catering for a large group can be a complicated and costly business. Some groups try to keep costs as low as possible to enable all members the chance to go. Large self-catering houses and mansions actually work out much less expensive than a hotel stay, the only drawback being that everyone has to help out with the catering. Most groups have a few people that actually enjoy cooking and others can be conscripted to help peel and chop. Anyone can wash up and clear tables. It all takes a little bit of organisation and extra shopping but it is amazing what a low price per head can be achieved for the holiday.

large group accommodation

Large group accommodation

There are other benefits of sharing one large house; members of the group all probably know each other fairly well and can enjoy sociable activities in the evenings, perhaps play cards, games, have a sing-song. It can all be great fun. Many large holiday cottages and mansions have extra entertainment facilities such as games rooms equipped with snooker tables, table football, modern games machines and more. There is likely to be a huge television and a library of DVDs.

Some of the more luxurious large holiday cottages and mansions have a swimming pool, tennis courts or even a dance studio. Suddenly, the options for a self-catering group break start looking favourable.

The big cottages are able to provide all the comforts of home and everything necessary to keep a large group well fed and happy on holiday. The group booking is on an accommodation only basis, the members provide all food and drink. Groups are generally quite pleased to find that their beer is at supermarket prices. If a packed lunch is required for a day out, these can be made up in the morning in the kitchen by members. Someone needs to be organised to bring sandwich bags and anything else required for the picnic lunches. A rota ensures that no single group of people take on the whole burden of work for the rest and that everyone does their fair share.

Most of these large self-catering houses are surrounded by good sized gardens. There is likely to a barbecue and seating in the garden which extends the entertainment and catering options. A meal can turn into a party and if this is beginning to sound attractive to you, all you have to do is to get a group together. Perhaps you already belong to a walking group or cycling group?

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There are large country houses to rent all over the UK and Ireland. They can be hired from as little as 2 nights upwards.

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- June 26, 2014

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