Farm Holidays


farm holidays in cottages

farm holidays in cottages

Trawling through ankle deep mud carrying buckets of food to feed the pigs, hunting for eggs from free rage chickens are just a couple of pleasures that could await children during a holiday on a working farm.

There are all sorts of farm holidays, just as there are different types of farms. On arable farms, children can find out what’s growing and discover what the plants look like. How many people would recognise a broccoli plant and yet it is a common vegetable? There are plenty of arable farms in Lincolnshire, a prime vegetable growing area for the UK market; acres of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and butternut squash grow in neat rows until harvested and sent to supermarkets. It’s an interesting sight for most people. Take a look at renting a country cottage in Lincolnshire.


brocolli growing on a farm

brocolli growing on a farm

City children relish the prospect of helping out with farm animals. Farmers renting holiday cottages often devise a range of tasks that get children involved and active yet remain safe. Many have ducks ponds, ducks and geese that everyone likes to feed and admire.

Other farm animals that can be encountered on farms with holiday cottages may be goats, sheep, cows, ponies and rabbits. In certain cases, a petting corner may exist purely to keep children entertained and allow an animal encounter. Rabbits are not kept for commercial reasons on British farms although are still bred for food in many European countries.

Sometimes, holidaymakers can stay on mixed working farms and enjoy the county life, only to admire and learn from a distance. Farms can be dangerous places and rules have to be obeyed to keep everyone safe.

Most people are aware that hands should be thoroughly washed after touching animals and to be careful to dispose of litter properly so that animals cannot accidentally eat it.


farm holidays counting sheep

Farm holidays counting sheep

A holiday on a farm is a treat for a family; it’s lovely to stay in a rural retreat under a clear unpolluted night sky. Take the children out at dusk to spot bats flitting overhead and later to watch the stars grow brighter. Go for country walks, eat wholesome fresh locally grown food and you’ll find that don’t need to count many sheep at night at all.

Find some wonderful farm cottage breaks in the UK and Ireland.

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- April 4, 2014

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